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Motorcycle Items, Gear, Goods, Accessories TAX-FREE shop NAPS

When you come to Japan to purchase motorcycle accessories, please visit NAPS, our duty-free store.
NAPS is a motorcycle accessory specialty store in Japan!

The following items are available.
Arai, SHOEI, and OGK Kabuto helmets that are well known in MotoGP.
High quality riding jackets, gloves, and shoes from Komine, RS Taichi, and others.
You can also purchase leather wear from Kadoya.
We also have many custom parts and consumable parts from Japanese motorcycle makers.
Please come to NAPS and choose something great for yourself, as a souvenir, or a gift for your friends.

We look forward to serving you with the best selection and widest variety of items!

NAPS Tax Exemption Shop lists

About the Tax Exemption Program


10% sales tax will be waived for in-store items under certain conditions.


Tourists with temporary visitor status are eligible for tax exemption.


You must present your passport to receive tax exemption.

Tax Exemption Conditions

  • Presentation of your passport
  • Short-term visitors who have not immigrated to Japan
  • Within 6 months of arrival in Japan
  • Purchases totaling 5,000 yen or more without tax
  • Tax exemption does not apply to goods and services purchased for use in Japan, shipping and handling charges, etc.

List of duty-free items

Examples: helmets, bags, shoes, gloves, accessories, clothing

Helmets sold by NAPS conform to Japanese domestic safety standards, but we do not guarantee conformity to all international standards.

Other notes

  1. Duty-free items must be taken out of Japan.
  2. Goods purchased for business or commercial purposes are not eligible for duty-free treatment.
  3. Duty free procedures are performed at the store where the merchandise was purchased. Items purchased at other stores are not eligible for duty-free processing.
  4. Duty free procedures are performed on the day of purchase. Duty free procedures for items purchased on a different day are not available.

Credit Cards Accepted

The following credit cards are accepted.
*There are no additional charges for purchases made by credit card. In addition, payment cannot be made in installments.